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Type IIW Sheet Piles

Type IIW sheet piles can be produced by many steel manufacturers, like FSP,GSP, ISP, JSP, KSP, NKSP,NS-SP, SKSP, TSP, JFE,JFESP.The dimension is 600x130x10.3. We worked very closely with the Contractor to provide the most practical and economical type 2w steel sheet pile.

Reinforcing steel should be covered with at least three inches of concrete to prevent sea water seepage which induces corrosion. One specific form of basement where steel has been found to be particularly effective is for the creation of underground car parks.

SP-IIw sheet piling is an ideal material for constructing basement walls as it requires minimal construction width. All designs and calculations were carried out by ESC and submitted to the Contractor for acceptance. For larger depths pre-stressed concrete piles are recommended.. This limits the above-mudline length to less than 18 to 101 meters under most of the circumstances. Concrete piling costs considerably less than steel piling but is somewhat limited in depth
The materials were all manufactured in Grand piling's China factory and delivered over the course of 2007. ESC constructed a custom wall system which allowed for a king post at 3.2 meter centers and infill sheet piles (3 numbers). The design was a reconfiguration of the ESC H Pile Combination series wall.. Material strength limits the concrete sheet piles to about 15 to 18 meters long. SP-2W sheet piles are also difficult to handle and impractical to drive with common equipment. Its properties are fully utilized in both the temporary and permanent cases and it offers significant cost and programmer savings. The fact that steel sheet piles can be driven tight against the boundaries of the site and the wall itself has minimum thickness means that the area available for cars is maximized and the cost per bay is minimized.



Section Dimensions Sectional Area Mass Moment of inertia Modulus  of section 
Width Height Thickness Pile Wall
b h/2 t          
mm Mm mm cm2/pile kg/m kg/m2 cm4/m cm3/m
ⅡW 600 130 10.3 78.7 61.8 103 13000 1000