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Type IIIW steel sheet piles

In terms of engineering, Type IIIW steel sheet piles are unique in that the engineer required a guaranteed zero settlement, even with AU’s high seismic activity. Steel is only suitable for minor structures. Supporting posts can be driven at adequate spaces with cross members directly fastened to them. The ability to extract and re-use type 3w sheet pile makes them an effective design solution.

Steel is particularly suitable in cold region because it will not become brittle or crack due to low temperature. However, significant cost reductions and programmer savings can be achieved by designing the temporary sheet pile structure as the permanent works. SP-IIIW sheet piling is 600x180x13.4 There are several names for it, like FSP,NS-SP,SKSP, TSP, KSP, NKSP, JFE,JFESP.

The H pile wall solution was therefore employed because the H piles could be driven deep through the soft lakebed mud and down onto the bedrock. In some cases, this meant H piles over 50m in length, which had to be extended during driving until the required set was achieved. Because of its rigidity and its high resistance to tension stress, timber piles often require no anchors or wales. The fundamental properties of strength and ease of use - which steel offers - are fully utilized in temporary works. The wall cost just under $10 million to build and was funded by Environment Bay of Plenty and Central Government.

It is expected to improve water quality in less than five years, with the support of lakeside sewerage reticulation projects. The advantage of SP-3w sheet pile is that construction is simplified, requiring little or no excavation and no heavy equipment.. For construction projects where a supported excavation is required, hot rolled steel sheet pile should be the first choice.



Section Dimensions Sectional Area Mass Moment of inertia Modulus  of section 
Width Height Thickness Pile Wall
b h/2 t          
mm Mm mm cm2/pile kg/m kg/m2 cm4/m cm3/m
ⅢW 600 180 13.4 104 81.6 136 32400 1800