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Pile retaining wall plate design analysis of polymer plastic sheet pile

Polymer plastic sheet pile is a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly form of the pile. Light weight, high strength, sealing can be good, corrosion resistance, weatherability, long life, can be reused and recycled, in line with national advocacy "plastic steel", "plastic wood" in the application of new materials and energy environmental policy, the product uses industrial mass production. Mechanized construction. High efficiency. Short duration (the thirtieth traditional Shidi constructed). Low construction costs (construction of two-thirds of the traditional stone embankment, half sheet pile construction). Polymer plastic sheet piles of earth make up the traditional large concrete slope protection dike. Long duration, labor intensive, high cost, and so difficult to repair and reinforcement steel sheet pile rust prone to corrosion. Not environmentally friendly, cost less than that of the high cost. Can be widely used in irrigation irrigation channels, canals, small reservoir dam construction and maintenance. Revetment embankment, subgrade protection construction projects excavation, slope protection, retaining walls, fences, flower beds, cut-off wall, sealing cofferdam, foundation treatment, underground parking, artificial lakeshore, sewage treatment, traffic engineering, underground tunnels, culverts, pipe laying, road construction, port, dock construction, disaster prevention and mitigation of flood prevention projects, dam heightening reinforcement, anti-collapse, anti-leakage, anti mudslides, anti-wind, ocean development of dams around the building, breakwater wall, aquaculture, saline breeding base construction and other areas around the base. Currently polymer plastic sheet pile has been widely used in Canada, the United States, Britain, Germany, Poland and other countries. Research surplus creativity polymer plastic sheet pile. Production and application will fill the gaps. Market demand and broad prospects.
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