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Experimental study on the performance of FRP sheet pile

With the continuous development of ports, terminals and coastal engineering and the use of sheet pile wall in the process has been more widely used. Traditional wood sheet pile wall material, reinforced concrete and steel because it is difficult to adapt to aggressive environments that lead to greatly shorten its life, the need to invest a lot of reinforcement and maintenance costs annually, therefore, aggressive environmental engineering, an urgent need for a new material to replace traditional materials. Glass fiber polymer composites (FRP) overcome many shortcomings of traditional materials, is an ideal new material, it has good resistance to chemical attack to prevent electrochemical corrosion and higher strength than wood, concrete and steel has better durability, low maintenance cost, easy construction. FRP sheet pile without moving oozing injuries, chemical plants, with minimal impact on the ecological environment in coastal engineering and structural engineering Waterfront, FRP sheet piling have a more broad application prospects.
Glass fiber polymer composites (FRP) is a synthetic resin as matrix material, glass fiber reinforced composite materials and products for the material. FRP sheet pile using pultrusion process from production, with the resin impregnated continuous reinforcing materials such as glass fiber, and then by keeping a certain cross-sectional shape of the molding die, and make it in the mold by means of high temperature and pressure continuously forming the mold after curing, resulting in a continuous smooth surface, dimensional stability, high strength FRP pultruded profiles. Due to the high cost of FRP sheet pile, only some European and American countries produce and put into use. Our company is towards this goal.
After a series of experiments to the conclusion: glass fiber polymer (FRP) composite sheet pile with high strength and good durability, the broad application prospects in the terminal project, coastal engineering and structural engineering waterfront. Tests showed damage to the sheet pile is not generated due to stress damage, but caused due to excessive deformation. Should be used to control the deformation conditions for the use of limit state design of the wall, compared to the intensity of the design basis is more reasonable.