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How to solve the hot-rolled steel sheet Alice skin defects?

With the advances in steel production technology, hot-rolled sheet steel products in recent years, quality has improved significantly, but in recent years, the domestic hot-rolled steel plate surface defects still occur frequently, especially in more severe warping defects has become a major factor affecting the finished hot-rolled plates passing rate.
Research on hot-rolled steel production process for casting - soaking - roughing - finishing - Coil, in the production of high-strength alloy steel rolled coils in the side of the plate volumes appear elongated Alice skin incidence accounting for 3.68% of high-strength alloy steel plate production volumes, the situation is more serious.
From the study of the basic characteristics of warping both macro and micro, warping the causes of defects are analyzed and discussed in detail, and through on-site production for statistical research, the process parameters adjustment programs, and ultimately makes the hot-rolled steel plate Alice skin defect rate was significantly reduced.
After a series of experiments, the following conclusions.
Alice raised portion has been shedding skin, cracks in the steel surface to form a retraction by EDS analysis confirmed as iron oxides and flux residues and traces of silico-manganese oxide in the gap.
When the casting mold fluxes involved in the formation of skin pores slab, heating furnace refractories shedding, high temperature oxidation and pressed into the steel rolling mill scale is the main reason for the formation of hot-rolled steel sheet Alice skin defects.
Reduce mold outlet argon gas flow, control the casting speed and casting stability, using a suitable mold powder, and strictly control the rolling process and related operations, can significantly reduce or even eliminate warping hot-rolled steel surface defects.