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OΩ Section Steel Sheet Pile

Omega sheet pile is re-usable, so special attention shall be paid to the acceptance of steel sheet pile. Besides, special attention shall also be paid to distinguishing between different models of different types of in the aspects of OΩ section dimensions and steel sheet thickness. Due to its small rigidity of body, OΩ sheet piling is easily subjected to deformation during transportation and stacking; hence, Omega type sheet piles normally need to be modified and straightened, especially the straightness of pile body and interlock. Interlock smoothness is the primary precondition for successful driving of steel sheet pile, and interlock blockage is the "arch criminal" of common faults such as driving difficulty, adjacent pile linkage and pile body inclination etc. Therefore, people believe the success of driving relies 70% on straightening, and 30% on driving. Then the sheet pile construction can go smoothly.

For field inspection, a piece of more-than-two-meter long "interlock tester" with interlock that is cut off from pile body of the same model is usually used. This "interlock tester" can be comfortably lifted up by two persons and inserted into the interlock to be tested for lock unblocking testing. Sheet pile design must be inspected one by one using "interlock tester". The "tester" must be able to smoothly pass through the interlocks at both sides of the whole length of pile, or the interlock and pile body should be straightened and rectified. Straightening and rectification is usually realized through oxyacetylene flame baking, hammer knocking plus cold water chilling until the "interlock tester" can smoothly pass through the treated interlock