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SKL SKS Steel Sheet Piling

Pan type sheet piles, also called hat type sheet piles have a relatively small section modulus. However, its interlock has a strong resistance to horizontal tension that is up to 5500 kN/m; SKL sheet pile is applicable for large round built island cofferdam that bears horizontal tensile in horizontal direction. The construction of straight SKS steel sheet pile is very convenient.
In some areas, Pan type sheet piles are also called L or S type sheet piles. The interlock of both L shape and S shape sheet pile is located at one side of sheet pile wall. Compared with other profiles, Pan type sheet piling features light section, small space occupancy of piling wall, the same orientation of interlocks and convenient construction etc. and are applicable to small-range excavation projects such as municipal works.

Applications under water levels:
The calculated water levels for design of sheet pile wall are divided into design high water level, design low water level and extremely low water level; but under normal circumstances, only design low water level or extremely low water level are used for calculation since the lower the water level is, the higher the active earth pressure and surplus water pressure would be, and the more adverse effect would be on sheet pile wall.
In the design of sheet pile profiles as wave breaker, design high water level is the most unfavorable water level; however, this is not unconditional since anchor rod position may largely affect internal force calculation of sheet pile.