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NS-SP Hot Rolled Sheet Piles

Larssen sheet piles are all the sheet piles with Larssen interlocks, which was invented by Mr Larssen in 20th century.

As green and reusable infrastructure materials, larssen sheet piles have many merits, like durable, simple, lightweight, excellent sectional shape of the structure impervious seal, convenient to use and safety and environmental protection, and can meet the needs of engineering structures.

Compared with other engineering methods, hot rolled sheet piling needs simple construction, can work in space occupied by small things, flexible and simple construction operations, work fast, short construction period, suitable for the implementation of floods, landslides, subsidence, sand and other disasters fast rescue; lightweight structure. Compared with other structures, its structure is light, and have strong bearing capacity and single shock resistance. Larssen sheet piles life expectancy can be up to 50 years, which significantly reduce construction and environmental protection.

Although the application of larssen panel is still in its infancy, a great gap compared with Western countries, but the gap is power and opportunity for sheet pile suppliers. Advanced applied technology used in China also promote the construction sector, production and design, construction. Based on the many advantages of steel sheet piles in construction jobs, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued a "U-shaped hot rolled steel sheet pile," the national standard, and in December 1, 2007 formally implemented. Implementation of standards for the future of the steel sheet pile products and applications, with milestone for all sheet pile suppliers in China