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SKSP Type Sheet Pile

According to market analysts, it is predicted that the next annual consumption of hot rolled steel sheet pile in 10 years is expected to exceed 500,000 tons in China. The industry believes that the future application of U type sheet piling are mainly in the following areas:

First, the land is a non-renewable resource but also irreplaceable. China's agricultural production land has been tight and a lot of infrastructure to be with soil. Land was dwindling state resources, especially in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other less developed regions, hot rolled sheet pile is necessary to protect the resource. Highlight the development of soil phenomenon is particularly severe resource constraints. In civil engineering construction, U type sheet piling can reduce filling, reduce the amount of earthwork, and good for soil conservation, protection of the environment. With the strengthening of China's land resource management, land use costs increase dramatically. After further strengthening the concept of conservation land, sheet piling factory will have new method of the technology in application.

Second, in order to improve the defense capabilities of natural disasters and to reduce the damage landslides and mudslides ,contractors have the urgent need to improve the slope, revetment quality level, which is densely populated mountain and its surrounding traffic arteries for the maintenance of large rivers such as the Yangtze and Yellow. Sheet piling factory will take on these measures to bring significant demand for type IV sheet piles.