Grand Steel Piling
/ Punta Colonet Project, Mexico

Punta Colonet Project, Mexico

1800 tons of GZP18-700,GPZ26-700 were used in this project.Grand Piling supplied these sheet piles in welded doubles and top 6 meters are painted.The specified coating for the sheet piles is for shot blasting to SA2.5 followed by 2 layers of 250 micron Jotamastic 87. The coating was applied to the top 6.3m of the front .The design of the sheet pile system was performed in accordance with the requirements of BS5950-1. Corrosion was considered for a period of 35 years. Capacity of the waling beam was designed to maintain a factor of safety of 1.2 in static conditions and 1.1 in seismic conditions.

Project Photos