Grand Steel Piling
/ AI Hallaniyat Island Project, Oman

AI Hallaniyat Island Project, Oman

1870 tons of GPZ26-700,supplied in welded pairs by bulk vessels. The clients has been in talk with Grand Piling half a year ago before the project starts. These Z profile sheet piles were installed using hydraulic jacking techniques. This method minimised vibrations which enable sensitive SNCF electronic equipment.The scheme was successfully completed on schedule and within budget, and complied with all quality and environmental requirements. Two abutments were completed within two weeks and rail traffic was virtually uninterrupted; in fact the first wall of 54 sheet piles was jacked to an average depth of 8 metres in 5 working days, which included some temporary works. Grand Piling also gave lots of advice on drilling and handling of piles.

Project Photos