Grand Steel Piling
/ St Peterburg Road Construction, Russia

St Peterburg Road Construction, Russia

Due to the hard ground and lower temperature in Russia,GPU32-700 700x560x12mm U type sheet piles are chosen. Totally 2500 tons are shipped in containers to St Peterburg port. Different length were used to suit the site conditions and the design requirements. Due to the sloping nature of the excavation, retaining wall conditions were constantly changing along the length of the wall. Installation of the sheet piles was carried out by vibrating the sheet piles to required level with a vibro hammer mounted on a 50T crawler crane. Due to the varying depth of hard stratum (depth of bed rock) pre-drilling was carried out to facilitate driving of sheet piles at some locations.Ground anchors were installed using a horizontal hydraulic drilling rig. The capacity and no. of levels of the ground anchors varied with the depth of excavation. A total of 311 anchors were installed with capacities ranging from 400kN (for shallow excavation) to 1,000kN (for deeper excavation, 10.5m depth).

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