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/ Amrun Offshore Piling Project, Australia

Amrun Offshore Piling Project, Australia

Australia has been one of main market for cold formed sheet piles.In Perth,Adleide,Newcastle, Sydney etc,you can find lots of cold formed sections.For this offshore piling projects,AU25 was firstly the design.Due to the higher price and longer delivery time, the clients finally chose GPU26-650 as alternatives. Totally 870 tons of sections are used The project was split in two phases: the construction of a new weir between the existing weir and the adjacent housing complex.The sheet piles had to be driven into a deep-seated impervious layer, overlain by a relatively dense soil layer. Due to the requirement of penetrating into the impervious layer, the sheet piles installed in the cofferdams had to be up to 21.75 m long. All the loading cases, including the ‘installation’ case, could be verified with theses sheet pile sections.

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