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Tieback Anchors

FLS Rooftop Tieback Anchors are a safe, practical and permanent anchorage solution for window washing, building maintenance and façade maintenance. Cost effective and proven, Rooftop Tieback Anchors are used for fall protection and a wide range of suspended access applications, including window cleaning, window washing, exterior building maintenance and façade maintenance. The Tieback Anchor provides an ideal fall protection anchor for rope descent systems where specific use and height restrictions apply and where workers are operating suspended roof powered platforms, self powered platforms on permanently installed davits and temporary rigging equipment, or anywhere leading edge hazards exist.

The FLS Tieback Anchor System provides an ideal safety solution when any of the following are needed:

Lifeline anchorage for workers operating on self powered or roof powered platforms and stages. Independent fall protection anchors for window washing davit systems, building and façade maintenance systems.
Fall protection anchor where leading edge hazards exist
Rooftop tieback anchor for temporary rigging equipment
Rope descent system anchor where specific use and height restrictions apply

Use in accordance with local, state and federal regulations and standards on roofs for independently securing worker’s lifelines, suspension of boatswain (bosun) chairs or tieback of suspended access equipment such as:

Outrigger Beams
Window Washing Equipment
Permanently Installed Davit System
Roof Powered Platform
Self Powered Platform
Building Maintenance System
Facade Maintenance System
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