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Multi-Strand Anchors

As a result of recent technological developments in the structural post tensioning industry, the production of ground anchors with a very high capacity is possible. The use of strand anchors in rock and soil anchor applications has become a well respected tool in the geotechnical engineer’s arsenal of solutions. By utilizing the combined load carrying capacity of multiple 0.6 inch diameter prestressing steel strands, loads which greatly exceed the tensile strength of any single bar can be achieved.
Strand anchors can be produced in extremely long lengths. For instance, strand anchors measuring anywhere from 100 to 200 feet in length can be assembled, coiled and banded in one of our manufacturing locations and shipped on wooden pallets via conventional flat-bed trucks.
In addition, many of the strand anchors used in temporary excavation support consist of seven strands or less. These anchors can often be uncoiled and installed by hand. Strand anchors also generally require much less site storage space and handling than bar anchors. We offer customized strand anchor manufacturing which allows for the design to be optimized in terms of both load carrying capacity and geometry to meet the requirements of specific site conditions.
Skyline Steel is committed to bringing the latest developments in global strand anchoring technology to the North American geotechnical construction industry. Innovations such as load distributive and removable strand anchors are available from Skyline Steel. A key element in being able to use these technologies is having the practical installation equipment to test and lock off these types of anchors.
Multi-strand anchors having individual strands of different lengths can pose many challenges when using traditional hollow ram jacks. The partnership between Samwoo and Skyline Steel allows us to offer a state-of-the-art multi-ram manifold jack system that is capable of maintaining an equal load in each strand, independent of the elongation.
We offer both tensile and compressive load distributive strand anchor systems.
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