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Six applications of steel sheet pile

China is emerging sheet pile heat, whether it is hot-rolled AZ or cold bend U-type, are sought after in the market. Here are 6 apps you may use in your building project!

Temporarily dig basic work
Temporarily dig basic work and road projects. The usual steel plate piles, numbers 3 and 4, with a latch,

keep the excavation dry and the environment unaffected. Length of steel sheet pile from 6 meters to 15 meters, often using vibrating hammer mounted excavator to fight. Whenever you see an excavator at work, you will inevitably see that a sheet pile is being used!

Water cofferdam in the river
Water cofferdam in the river. Usually use a wider point on the 6th pile. The length of locking steel sheet pile is between 15 and 24 meters, driven by 416L type hydraulic vibrating hammer. More complex gravel-bearing soils may be medium-sized hammers, such as the 815C. Cofferdam provides a dry dock for the construction of concrete foundations. After the completion of the bridge tower, sheet piles will be removed and reused.

Avoid using mud and bulkheads
Avoid deep foundation of mud and bulkheads. Sometimes steel sheet piles are used in conjunction with the casing pile for greater lateral bearing capacity. These applications require AZ-type steel sheet piles, length of 24 -36 meters. For digging depths of up to 20 meters, these wide steel sheet piles are economical and provide a great lateral bearing capacity. Medium-sized 815C or larger 1412C are often selected to complete these green building projects.

AZ-type steel sheet pile harbor wall
AZ sheet piles are also commonly used as permanent harbor walls. These harsh working conditions need to choose rust-proof high-grade steel. Special coatings can be applied to sheet piles that are most corroded by sea water and wind. Due to the length and weight of the steel sheet piles making such walls, it is advisable to use large vibratory hammers, such as 82NF or 1412C, often with the NL hammer to complete the last few meters of sinking.

Construction of underground city integrated pipe gallery
Excavation work in the construction of an underground city integrated pipe gallery is protected by steel sheet pile walls. Resonance hydraulic hammers allow you to work on existing buildings without disturbing them with noise and without damaging the building with low-frequency vibrations.

Permanent load support structure
AZ sheet pile can also be used for railway, highway overpass and garage permanent load support structure. Can get good soil conservation and good bearing capacity of the two major functions. Medium 815C and larger 1412C hammers are often selected for these construction projects.

Concrete sheet pile
Concrete sheet pile! On the banks of the river and fairways, concrete sheet piling costs less and seductive. Standard strength of concrete piles can be used to fight hydraulic hammer, thin concrete sheet pile is easily damaged due to resonance, must be free of resonant hammer.