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Sheet Pile Beam

We have the perfect solution for all types of sheet pile capping beam.

The only complete solution for a sheet pile capping beam in the World. Straight, curved or radius, level or sloping, one or two sided is the only complete sheet pile capping beam system in the world that can cope with everything from one system. Nothing is a flexible as the sheet pile capping beam formwork system. the sheet pile capping beam is available for hire or sale Worldwide.

On a heavy duty beam we use 500% less Carbon per M2 than a well know Platform only sheet pile capping beam system and that doesn’t factor in that they do not provide the beam formwork, their system also does not have a safe trip free working area and we offer a far superior finish on all sides up to F4, what’s more our sheet pile capping beam is much faster to install and strip and also saves on cranes / plant hire / labour / time & money. The heavy duty version of our competitor weighs around 10,000 kg per running metre, the sheet pile capping beam weighs less than 100kg and can be fitted by hand.

Our bracket system can also be used for bases and slabs as well as for the sheet pile capping beam and we have a specialist large panel wall system as well for more details.

Standard sheet pile capping beam sizes up to 3m wide and 3m high, but we also offer a bespoke service so no matter how complex your beam, we can manufacture a solution to suit on a recent contract.

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