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Interlocking sheet piles and method of installation

This invention relates to interlocking sheet pile which may be driven into the earth to form a wall, colierdam, or the like. This invention relates to improvements in constru-ction and method of installation of such sheet piles in order to minimize leakage of Water through the interlocking joints.

In brief, this invention contemplates the removal of earth or other foreign material from the interlocking portions of adjacent sheet piles as they are driven into the earth, the provision of spreader lugs for crowding adjacent sheet piles away from each other within the limit permitted by the interlocking connection, and the introduction of a sealant into the space so provided between the interlocking parts. In this way, a continuous barrier is provided to minimize or eliminate the passage of water through the wall or cofferdam formed by the interlocking sheet pile.

More specific objects of this invention are to provide improved means for removing earth or other foreign material from the interlocking parts of the sheet piles at the time the sheet piles are driven, and to provide improved means for spreading the sheet piles apart within the limits allowed by the interlocking connection, to form adequate space for reception of a suitable sealant.

The interlocking edge portions of conventional sheet piles provide ample clearance to permit adjacent sheet pile members to be mated and driven into place in the earth. By providing means to force the adjacent pile members to move laterally relative to each other so that at least a major portion of the clearances will accumulate in one direction, the resulting spaces within the interlocking parts are made large enough for effective installation of a suitable sealant material.

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