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Push pull system of steel sheet pile

We offer a silent piling pressing push pull system technique, which starts working when powerful hydraulic clamps take hold of the tops of several interlocked steel sheet piles. Then a piling rig to push the piles applies down-crowd force. The piling rig stops pushing until it reaches its safe load limit, which usually is after several meters of penetration. Thereafter the hydraulic cylinders apply vertical force to one sheet pile and simultaneously reacting on the rest of the group. During this part of the process, the hydraulic cylinders maintain their initial pre-load. The vertical force requires an opposite reaction, which is equally strong. The biggest part of this opposite reaction is provided by the weight of the reaction piles and the piling rig. In the end the penetration of the pile group is the most important factor in developing adequate total reaction, as this advances the skin friction between the ground and the reaction piles.

When all piles in the group are advanced, the pressing device retracts and the cycle repeats. Even though the total numbers of cylinders can vary, the process stays the same. When a pile group is installed, the machine can position the next pile group using the same method. A huge advantage of the rigid leader is that it provides perfect pile alignment. The result of perfect pile alignment is that the quality of the installation increases and the interlock friction is minimized. Lastly, this process does not need a temporary reaction frame to start the first sheet piles, unlike conventional presses.The process of sheet pile extraction is the reversed order of the process described above. The piling rig then provides upward force on the press and hydraulic cylinder(s) to extract a pile.

Principal Advantages:

• Quiet and vibration-less;
• Powerful Silent Piling force of up to 200 tons for effective installation and extraction;
• Fast installation or extraction rates deliver high productivity and economy;
• Ready configured to suit Z, U & H-pile profiles in groups of between 2 to 6;
• No reaction frame required to start pile installation - unlike conventional pile presses;
• Corner piles easily installed without reaction frame;
• Offers truly recyclable foundation solutions;
• Standard Z-piles can be installed close to property boundaries - maximize development footprint;
• Leader guided operation reduces interlock friction and produces high quality, accurate installations;
• Piles can be removed, returning site to original ‘greenfield’ condition;
• Piles can be threaded without the use of a crane.Extra Advantages:
• Can be configured to install high capacity foundation piles formed by interlocking 4, 5 or 6 sheet piles in a box - SWL capacities up to.

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