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Interlocking Sheet Pile Retention Systems

Able to penetrate depths of up to 24 metres, sheet piling is commonly used to retain boundary walls during construction where adjacent buildings are able to tolerate the vibrations of the installation process. Using long structural steel sections with interlocking edges, we are able to provide the necessary structural support for any sized excavation project. We manufacture a light weight sheet piling system using coils of sheet steel ranging from 1200mm to 1500mm in width and 3mm to 8mm thickness.

Installation and Application

Sheet piles are installed using high frequency, resin free, vibration technology, with the pile transferred through the drive head configurations. Our screw-in anchor system can be used to complement the sheet piles, providing additional lateral support. These screw anchors can be installed in less than twenty minutes and loaded immediately, offering a quick and effective alternative to conventional anchors.

Benefits of Sheet Piling

We use a wide range of interlocking sheet pile systems that are designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of projects. We also manufacture our own light weight interlocking sheet pile.

• Soil & Nailing solution as needed
• Recyclable and reusable
• Quick to install
• Cost-effective
• Can be a sacrificial or permanent retaining element of a construction

Anchoring Systems

Anchoring can go hand in hand with sheet piling and because we design, fabricate and install our own anchoring components are able to offer a total solution for construction of structures such as basements, lift shafts and tunnels.

Dewatering Systems

Often dewatering of an excavation is an integral part of construction, as anchoring cannot proceed until it is carried out. We partner with Coates Hire to provide a complete retention and dewatering solution, allowing us to design and construct basement walls for our clients.

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