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Steel Grade and Dimensional Tolerances for hot rolled sheet piles

Hot rolled sheet piles have been used all over the world. In each countries, there are their own popular hot rolled sections, Like in Europe, Arcelor sheet piling and Thyssecrupp sheet piles are Most popular. Also in Czech republic, the 601 602 Larssen sheet pile is the dominant position. In Europe, S355 GP and S390GP covers over 90% of all sheet piling products. You can piling products available in steel grades S240GP, S270GP, S355GP, S390GP and S430GP (according to European standards EN 10248). Sheet Piles are produced directly in hot form from a beam blank into its final shape. So mills can control the steel grade very easily.

In USA, the main sheet piling manufacturer is Skyline, and the most popular steel grades are ASTM A572 Grade 50, Grade 55,Grade 60, and Grade 65.Also in middle America, Latin America, ASTM Standards are popular.

In Aisa, Japan produced hot rolled sheet piles the earliest. JIS standards and the steel grade SY295 and SY390 are the only two steel grades available. Although now more mills in South Korea and China products more tons of sections, steel grade remain like Japan.

Hot Rolled Sections are widely used in Combination walls such as HZM and PSp Walls, which have bigger modulus of section and moment inertia.

Steel grade EN10248 Comparable InternationalM
  Min. yield
Min. tensile
USA Canada Japan
  ReH Rm Lo=5,65√So ASTM CSA JIS
  MPa MPa %      
S240GP 240 340 26      
S270GP 270 410 24 A328 Gr.260W SY295
S320GP 320 440 23   Gr.300W  
S355GP 355 480 22 A572Gr.50
S390GP 390 490 20 A572Gr.55 Gr.400W SY390
S430GP 430 510 19 A572Gr.60    
S460AP 460 550 17 A572Gr.65    

The most popular dimension tolerances standard is EN10248 part 1 and part2, which stipulates Technical Conditions of Delivery for Sheet Piles.
In our factory, all steel sheet piles can be supplied with handling holes (dia 50 mm, 200 mm from top), as double and crimpled sheet piles and with corrosion protection. Any surface coating should be informed at time of order place.

Special piles, corner sections and a wide range of tie bars and anchors are available on request.
We can always supply piles with sealing materials, like waterproofing membrane pre-injected in the factory without the hassle of it being done on site. The membrane we supply is called Wadit and it is by far the most superior type of waterproofing method made specifically for the sheet piling market all over the world.

Tolerances AU,PU,GU AZ AS500 HZ,HZM
Mass ±5% ±5% ±5% ±5%
Length ±200mm ±200mm ±200mm ±200mm
Height H≤200mm:±4.0mm H≤200mm:±5.0mm - ±7.0mm
H>200mm:±5.0mm 200mm<H<300mm:±6.0mm -
- H≥300mm:±7,0mm -
Thickness t,s≤8.5mm:±0,5mm t,s≤8.5mm:±0.5mm - t,s≤12.5mm:
t,s>8.5mm:±6% t,s>8.5mm:±6% t,s>8.5mm:±6% t,s>12.5mm
Width ±2%
Double pile
0,2% of the length
Ends out of
±2% of pile width