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Thyssen Krupp Steelcom sheet pile(SCU16,SCU18,SCU20,SCU23,SCU25)



Section Dimensions Sectional
Mass Moment
of inertia
of section
Width Height Thickness Pile Wall
w h t/s          
mm mm mm cm2/m kg/m kg/m2 cm4/m cm3/m
SCU7 750 320 5 71.3 42 56 10725 670
SCU8 750 320 6 86.7 51 68.1 13169 823
SCU9 750 320 7 101.4 59.7 79.6 15251 953
SCU11 600 360 8 131.4 61.9 103.2 19897 1105
SCU12 600 360 9 147.3 69.5 115.8 22213 1234
SCU13 600 360 10 162.4 76.5 127.5 24491 1361
SCU16 650 480 8 138.5 71.3 109.6 39864 1661
SCU18 650 480 9 156.1 79.5 122.3 44521 1855
SCU20 650 540 8 153.7 78.1 120.2 56002 2074
SCU23 650 540 9 169.4 87.3 133 61084 2318
SCU25 650 540 10 187.4 96.2 146.9 69093 2559


Sheet pile SCU16 and SCU18 will be assembled SCU20 and SCU23 maintained Queensland according to manufacturers instructions when using a manufactured system. This may be accomplished by limiting the size of individual panels vertically and the vertical spacing of the levels of soil reinforcement, and by requiring the facing panels to SCU18 have an adequate amount of vertical slip SCU16 between adjacent panels. Three methods are commonly used to fit Contech Bin-Walls to specific curvatures.A copy of those instructions is available on-site for reference.


Welded wire, expanded metal, or similar facing panels shall be designed in a manner which prevents the occurrence of excessive bulging as backfill behind the facing elements compresses due to SCU20 compaction stresses or self weight of the backfill. Generally, it is more economical to use standard parts and avoid ThyssenKrupp field fabrication. The top of flexible facing panels at the top of the wall shall be connected to a level of soil reinforcement to provide SCU23 stability to the top-facing panel. Any fall protection system used will meet Washington DOSH regulations as contained in WAC 296-155 Part C-1.Vertical walls are almost always more easily built on a curve and should be considered as a SCU25 sheet pile preferred alternate to battered walls. The maximum vertical spacing of soil reinforcement connected to the facing panels equals 20 inches for permanent walls and 30 inches for temporary walls.


Thyssen Krupp clear spacing SCU25 between SCU 16 soil SCU 18 reinforcement elements within a level shall be 12 inches. Our Contech Sales Engineer can provide more details on the following methods SCU 16 Method 1 Method 1 uses special bins, formed by using shorter-thanstandard stringers in either the front or rear of the wall.For welded wire facing panels the minimum wire size shall be W8 for permanent walls and W6 for temporary walls, the maximum center to center spacing of vertical wires shall be 6 inches and of horizontal wires shall be 9 inches.Must have SCU 18 anchor points capable of withstanding a 5000-pound shock unless a deceleration device in use limits fall to 2 Grand Piling feet, in which case a 3000-pound anchor point may be used. By varying the length of the short stringers, a wide variety of configurations can be created.


Grand Piling SCU 20 must be SCU 23 placed or SCU 25 protected to prevent abrasion damage Western Australia Fremantle. Since the amount of vertical displacement increases with increasing wall heights, height limitations are an important SCU 25 consideration.Snap hooks may not be connected to each other, or to loops in web ring. With walls on a 1:6 batter, this method SCU 20 causes a slight change of grade in the wall, limiting the number of special bins that can be used Queensland . Secondary facing panels shall be provided when necessary to prevent loss of backfill material through the facing panels. Inspect components for deformation, wear, and mildew.


Competent Person - means one who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to SCU 23 employees, and who has authorization to take prompt, corrective measures to eliminate such hazards.Since the amount of vertical displacement increases with increasing wall heights, SCU 23 height limitations are an important consideration. Steel facing panels for permanent walls shall be galvanized with a minimum coating thickness of 2 ounces per square foot applied in conformance with ASTM A123.


Qualified Person - means one who, by possession of a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or who by extensive knowledge, training and experience, has successfully demonstrated ability to solve or SCU 25 resolve problems related to the subject matter, work, or project. No such problem occurs on vertical walls and maximum curvatures can be obtained regardless of wall depth or height.Geosynthetic facing elements shall not, in general, be left SCU 20 exposed to sunlight ( specifically ultraviolet radiation) for permanent walls. If geosynthetic facing elements must be left exposed permanently to sunlight, the geosynthetic shall be stabilized to be resistant to ultraviolet radiation.


Scaffolds shall be designed by a Qualified Person, and constructed and loaded in accordance with that design. Method 2 Stringers may be cut and drilled in the SCU 18 field to fit virtually any wall configuration, with the maximum deflection at a vertical connector approximately five degrees. Scaffold shall be erected, moved, dismantled, or altered only under the supervision and direction SCU 16 of a Competent Person qualified in scaffold erection, moving, dismantling or alteration. This method is applicable to batter walls by varying the length of the stringers from top to bottom of the bin. . All scaffolding and stair SCU25 towers shall utilize the following tag system when being erected, altered, moved, or dismantled. However, special details are required to handle SCU23 outside corners on battered walls—and will need to be determined for specific applications. Furthermore, product specific test data shall be provided which can be extrapolated to the intended design life and which proves that the product.


All scaffolding shall have a color-coded tag, secured at the point of access signed by the Competent Person. On vertical walls, the stringers will be identical from top to bottom. The competent person is SCU 18 required to inspect and tag the scaffolding prior to use and daily thereafter to verify the applicability of the tag. Additionally, adjacent SCU20 sections of the wall generally need special design Western Australia Fremantle  considerations as well. The tag shall be modified as necessary.).Method 3 This method Thyssen Krupp uses shop-fabricated corner plates and there is virtually no limit to the SCU16 maximum angularity obtainable. This scaffold does not comply with applicable regulations and has restrictions placed on it by the Competent Person. EXAMPLE: Fall arrest protection may be required.