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(ASP-2, ASP-II)Light sheet pile

The outstanding feature of this form of wall is the range of options that can be created by combining different beams, sheet piles and connectors.When a light sheet pile no longer interlocks properly with its neighbour, this is known as declutching. They had to have a perimeter that would withstand the possible scenario of a massive failure of the tanks and all the contents flowing out into the surrounding area. Visual inspections can be carried out for the part of the sheet pile wall still visible after driving, but signal transmitters must be used for those parts of the wall that are buried with ASP-2 and ASP-II.

In addition, this liquid could well be on fire at the time so the perimeter had to cater for this potential issue as well.2.3 shows various combination sheet steel pile walls made from single or double PSp pile sections with intermediate panels.Grand Piling worked closely with Arcelor mittal through its agent in Europe. The following tables give an indication of ASP-2 that can be generated for particular combinations of components.

The lightweight sheet piles with their wide profile made an ideal selection due to their very limited clutches per metre of wall. The sealing of the clutch is at least half that of other sheet piles and this also means less risk of seepage for the Contractor.In such structures the sheet pile walls transfer the loads due to earth and water pressure to the piles, and ASP-II enables heavily loaded retaining walls, e.g. quay walls, to be built.Calculations were carried out by Arcelor in order to ensure that the stringent requirements of the Client and the Contractor were met whilst at the same time the budget constraints needed to be adhered to.

Interlock damage cannot be ruled out completely even with careful driving. It recommends checking for declutching to increase the reliability of steel sheet piling walls. Oriental sheet piles won the project with a sheet pile option supplied by us


ASP-2 Type or ASP-II Type


  Dimensions Weight Per meter of wall
Types Thickness Width Height Per pile Per wall Modulus of Section Moment of Inertia
mm mm mm Kg/m Kg/m2 Cm3/m Cm4/m
ASP-2 4 250 42 11.8 47.2 48.6 85.1
ASP-II 5 250 43 14.8 59.2 59.7 107