Grand Steel Piling
/ Vizhinzam project, India

Vizhinzam project, India

For this project, local stockiest suggested second hand AZ sheet piles. This option could not provide an adequate water proof area for the construction to proceed in a timely manner. The bad surfaces conditions of second hand sheet piles and the loose interlocks are the main problem.Grand Piling came in with new AZ42 and AZ26 sheet piles newly produced in our China mills. The lengths are various from 8m-20m due to the different coils conditions in India. 3200 tons in totally were used. Grand Piling not only worked with the owners but the contractor had constant site visits and communication from Grand Piling both during the design stage and the implementation stage of the project. Designs of the wall system took into account the preferred method of construction detailed.Overall stability of the Main Wall, tieback and anchor wall structure was determined using representative soil parameters. A (c’’) reduction analysis was then performed using the PLAXIS software to determine the overall geotechnical factor of safety. For static load cases, the target factor of safety on overall stability was 1.4

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