Grand Steel Piling
/ Infrastructure construction, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Infrastructure construction, Amsterdam, Netherlands

3500 tons of PU18, PU22, PU28 sheet piles were shipped to Rotterdam port by bulk vessels. The project was split in two phases: the construction of a new weir between the existing weir and the adjacent housing complex. This was quite helpful when, as specified on the layout, the driving contractor had to close the cofferdam with a single PU sheet pile, a 600 mm wide U-pile. No additional equipment was required for this task.The sheet piles had to be driven into a deep-seated impervious layer, overlain by a relatively dense soil layer. The chosen solution was pre-boring along the axis of the sheet pile walls down to approximately 0.5 m above tip elevation, and to replace the excavated soil by an adequate fill. This allowed the sheet piles to be pressed down to final grade without any problems or vibrations.The job has been accomplished successfully based on a long-term collaboration with the design engineer and the project owner. Another reason for success was the availability at the right moment of the first “Sill Worker” Press.

Project Photos