Grand Steel Piling
/ Shuqaiq II Independent Project, Saudi Arabia

Shuqaiq II Independent Project, Saudi Arabia

The needed a cofferdam that was able to be de-watered in order to allow the construction of the bridge piers. The previous option used was second hand AZ36 sheet piles. This option could not provide an adequate water proof area for the construction to proceed in a timely manner. So forced with substantial delays on the first cofferdam, clients decided to use Grand Piling for the second cofferdam. We designed a custom sheet pile and called it the GPZ36-700. This sheet pile was a variation to the catalogue issued GPZ sheet piles. The sheet pile is designed with an open clutch suitable for post installation grout sealing. The pile is for de-watering works, groundwater cut-off walls and pollution control situations. This pile with its light weight, wide profile and minimal clutches also provides an attractive commercial proposition for retaining walls and other applications. Total amount is 4100 tons in various length.

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