Grand Steel Piling
/ Mozambique Nacala Port, Mozambique

Mozambique Nacala Port, Mozambique

Steel pipe piles with big diameter made an ideal selection due to their very limited clutches per metre of wall. Totally 2500 tons of 1200x18 steel pipes are needed for this project. X52 steel grade in API 5L standard. The connector are smaller diameter steel tubing. The sealing of the clutch is at least half that of other steel piles and this also means less risk of seepage for the Contractor. Calculations were carried out in order to ensure that the stringent requirements of the Client and the Contractor were met whilst at the same time the budget constraints needed to be adhered to. Extra clutches were sent along with the shipment to ensure that if any special corners were needed to be turned or obstacles caused a variation in the driving line. During installation, our engineers are on site to make sure no mistakes happen

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