Grand Steel Piling
/ KOC project, Kuwait

KOC project, Kuwait

The service life of the structure is 50 years. To protect the immersion zone, the design engineer opted for a cathodic protection with sacrificial anodes. The soil is quite heterogeneous, ranging from soft sandy clays to very compact sands with SPT values above 90.2800 tons of AZ18-700 sheet piles are used in this project. We also supplied the tie-rods as part of the whole foundation solutions package. The threads of the tie-rods are M 115, with a 90 mm diameter shaft, 500 mm long upset threads on one end, and eye tie-rods on the other end. The yield strength of the tie-rods is 500 MPa. Commissioning of this quay wall is foreseen by end of 2012.

Project Photos