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Straight web sections

113. Straight web sections

Straight web sheet piles are designed to form cylindrical structures, generally closed, retaining a soil backfill. The stability of constructions built up like that is guaranteed by the weight of the internal soil massive.
Longevity and Sustainability-Sheet Pile

112. Longevity and Sustainability-Sheet Pile

With regard to sheet pile bridge abutments, steel piles in fresh water lose less than 1/6 in. Of thickness due to corrosion in the zone of high attack after 100 years of life, without any surface coating or maintenance required.
Tie-rod anchorage

111. Tie-rod anchorage

sheet pile plates or continuous anchor walls, made from sheet piles, are to be used, it is sufficient to excavate up to anchor level.
Application in the Construction Industry—Sheet Pile Walls

110. Application in the Construction Industry—Sheet Pile Walls

Sheet pile walls consist of continuously interlocked pile segments embedded in soils to resist horizontal pressures. Classified as a flexible retaining system, sheet pile walls can tolerate relatively large deformations.
Design details of sheet pile

109. Design details of sheet pile

Before all, a designer has to appropriately select the type of lateral earth pressures that are expected to act on the sheet pile. For most sheet pile walls active or at-rest earth pressures are appropriate. Passive soil resistance should be used with caution.
Cold-rolled sheet pile sections

108. Cold-rolled sheet pile sections

Cold rolled steel sheet pile sections are lightweight, which makes them easier and more economical to mass-produce, transport and install.
Larsen steel sheet pile

107. Larsen steel sheet pile

According to statistics, China’s annual consumption of steel sheet pile to the 3 million tons, accounting for only 1% of the world%, and limited number of ports, terminals, shipyards and bridge construction and other permanent works cofferdam, excavation and other temporary works.
Types of Sheet Pile

105. Types of Sheet Pile

The term sheet piling refers to any retaining wall type that is a) installed into the ground by driving or pushing, rather than pouring or injection, and b) is of relatively thin cross-section and low weight so that the weight of the wall does not assist in the wall’s stability.
Sheet Pile Wall

104. Sheet Pile Wall

A sheet pile wall is made out of steel, vinyl or wood planks which are driven into the ground. For a quick estimate the material is usually driven 1/3 above ground, 2/3 below ground, but this may be altered depending on the environment.
What Is A Tie Rod

103. What Is A Tie Rod

Tie-rods and waling bolts: Anchorages are mainly subject to static load. Strong fluctuating stress is rare in anchorages, but nevertheless occurs often in waling bolts.
AZ-800 sheet pile

102. AZ-800 sheet pile

All the sheet piles are prefabricated high quality products, quality-checked at the plant before shipment. They are available in rolled-up and rolled-down sections, in high strength steel grades and are made from 100% recycled steel that can be re-used several times and recycled.
Soil nailing, design and construction service

101. Soil nailing, design and construction service

Anchoring for sheet piles or other embedded retaining wall systems.
Components for Sheet Piling Structures

100. Components for Sheet Piling Structures

Sheet piling walls often require a cap for structural rigidity. ArmorWare caps, available in aluminum and composite, are corrosion resistant products engineered specifically to enhance synthetic sheet piling structures.
Cold formed Steel Sheet Piling

99. Cold formed Steel Sheet Piling

Steel sheet pile is a service-proven type familiar to both designers and constructors, which is extensively used for permanent structures, temporary earth-retaining works and temporary cofferdams,etc.
Application of sheet pile

98. Application of sheet pile

The main application of steel sheet piles is in retaining walls and cofferdams erected to enable permanent works to proceed. Normally, vibrating hammer, crane and crawl drilling are used to establish sheet piles.
The advantages of steel sheet piling

97. The advantages of steel sheet piling

Steel sheet piling (SSP) is a hot-rolled structural shape with interlocks on the flange tips. The interlocks permit individual sections to be connected to form a continuous steel wall which is earth-tight and water resistant.
Definition of Sheet Piling

96. Definition of Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is a type of deep foundation used in construction work. As opposed to shallow foundation, deep foundations like sheet piling provide a more structurally sound design for large buildings and heavy loads.


Sheet piling is rarely part of the permanent structure but provide structural resistance in deep excavatons. Although steel sheet pile walls have been proven to be effective, newer materials such as vinyl, plastic, recast concrete and fiberglass have proven to be as effective and often less expensive.
Formwork Steel Tie Rod

94. Formwork Steel Tie Rod

Formwork Steel Tie Rod
What Is Sheet Pile?

93. What Is Sheet Pile?

Sheet pile is one of type of piling, one of the difference between normal pile and sheet pile is sheet pile used as temporary while normal pile used as permanent. Sheet pile can be made from many types of materials such as steel, plastic, wood, vinyl, recast concrete, and fiberglass. While the most common material to be used for sheet pile is steel sheet pile.