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What is involved in the cost of a sheet pile seawall?

Payment of any permits required. This can vary based on location, and may require more than one permit. Examples of permits you may need include: DEP, USACE, as well as local and county permits.

Sheet pile seawall materials

This includes the materials used in the building of your sheet pile seawall (vinyl sheet piling, concrete, steel, etc.) as well as the materials required in the preparation, installation, and transportation of your sheet pile seawall product. The geographical location of the project can also be a factor in material costs and vary greatly around the country. Some factors that go into material selection include:

site location
space to access the site
depth/embedment needed
appearance desired
type of wall designed by the engineer, as best suited for the property

Sheet pile seawall construction equipment

Includes the cost of transporting to the site barges, trucks, track hoe, as well the cost of running the equipment, and possibly renting equipment.


Costs including wages, insurance, workers’ compensation, USL&H, and more.

Site clean-up costs

Once your sheet pile seawall has been installed, your property will need to be restored or finished.

As you can see, there are many items to be considered that go into the cost of a sheet pile seawall. In addition, depending on your location, obtaining the necessary sheet pile seawall permits can take 1 week to 2 years or more. Wherever you are in the process of building a new sheet pile seawall, be sure to ask us – The Ultimate Sheet Pile Seawall. It is not only providing homeowners with a strong concrete wall with flat, vinyl protection, it is beneficial for contractors as well. Contractors have installation flexibility when soil conditions change so your project continues smoothly and properly. In addition, there is less yard tear-up with the system while still achieving the strength of steel-reinforced concrete.

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