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Vinyl Sheet Piling

We stock and distribute complete product lines of vinyl sheet piling for construction of marine bulkheads, jetties and groins. The ease of vinyl sheet piling installation gives the contractor a reliable building product that makes for a clean and crisp waterfront structure. Vinyl sheet piling are engineered products with specific design values that allow you to select the specific product that you need for your structure.

Vinyl sheet piling are made from high quality, UV resistant materials that will not rust, rot, decay, or corrode in the marine environment, while at the same time providing unsurpassed stability and weatherability for your marine structure. We also offer the product lines of seawall caps, wales and tie rods to enhance your seawall. ArmorWare caps and wales give your seawall a sleek and stylish appearance to enhance your waterfront property. ArmorWare tie rods are galvanized steel rods that have and additional impervious polymer coating, that will not rust, crack or corrode, over the exposed end.

A relatively new product line introduced is Timberguard® polymer protected wood. Timberguard offers an added layer of protection to the treated wood by coating the piling and/or timbers with a polymer to help protect your waterfront investment.

For those demanding waterfront jobs in tough and strenuous applications we offer Composite Sheet Piling. The product line offers fiber reinforced polymer sheet piling for those challenging jobs.

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