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The Sheet Pile Mobile Cofferdam

In 1985 Acotec pioneered the original sheet pile Limpet Cofferdam with patented sealing technology. The sheet pile cofferdam provides safe, dry access to submerged steel sheet piling. The modular steel construction allows for containerized shipping to locations throughout the world. Sizes of the cofferdam are approximately 20 feet wide, and up to 30 or more feet deep. The cofferdam assembly includes dewatering equipment, platforms, illumination, ventilation, and electrical control boxes. The design provides safe and comfortable access for workers. Final on-site assembly is complete within two days.

After the sheet pile cofferdam is ready for deployment by crane or gantry, the sheet pile cofferdam is lowered along the structure and the pumps are turned on.

Self-adjusting seals create a tight seal against a variety of surface profiles. Dewatering is complete within a few minutes, and does not require the use of divers. Inspectors and contractors can immediately start working on submerged sections of the structure, and progress rapidly through a project.

Work starts with an initial cleaning to remove marine fouling and loose corrosion products. The cofferdam contains all debris and can be equipped with air separation equipment to prevent fugitive emissions. After cleaning, the contractor seals any leaks watertight. Inspectors can measure residual steel thickness and perform root cause analysis of corrosion mechanisms. The contractor can perform structural repairs to reinforce thin steel and return the structure to a good condition. Upon request, we will provide assistance with inspections, methods for weld repairs, and techniques to rapidly achieve a dry, salt-free surface. Corrosion experts can easily photograph corrosion patterns, take samples of corrosion products, and conduct various tests for bacteria. After surface preparation to near-white steel, the contractor can caulk, strike coat, and spray Humidur epoxy coating to stop further corrosion. After application, the contractor can immediately flood the sheet pile and move to the next position. The Humidur coating will cure underwater.

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