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The process of sheet pile driving

Conventional Piling Works

Installation of sheet pile uses the traditional method known as "conventional piling". This method consists of temporary gates and spud piles to form guides for the sheet pile to be installed. These will tend to be used when access is not possible for plant or rigs.

Domestic Flood Protection Works

Using modern piling materials and scheme specific installation techniques, sheet pile walls can be utilised to provide an effective barrier against potential floods.

Side Grip Technology

This method is used when excavator reach is an issue. This technique allows the work to be undertaken from a lower working level to the finished top of pile level. The side grip nature of the Movax allows the rig to handle pitch and drive sheet pile up to 12m long.

Telescopic Leader Rigs

Telescopic leader rigs are the most commonly used item of plant for installing sheet pile due to their all-round performance in conjunction with the vibratory hammer and auger drive unit. These rigs can handle pitch and drive sheet pile up to 20m long.

King Post

King Post and Infill panel systems can be used where ground conditions dictate. Should the sheet pile be unable to penetrate the anticipated ground, the ground can be drilled, allowing a post to be installed at predetermined centres and in-filled with a panel lining system.

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