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Temporary Sheet Pile Design for Crossness STW

We were employed for the design of sheet pile, pile supply, sheet pile installation and extraction of steel sheet piles to form various temporary earth retaining sheet pile cofferdams and sheet pile trenches to facilitate the installation of new pipework and the excavation and construction of associated RC structures etc.

In excess of 2200 no. sheet piles have been installed in lengths varying from 11.50m to 15.0m. Only a proportion of the total sheet pile requirement was supplied to site, and re-use of sheet piles on different structures was an important consideration to minimise costs. Therefore, the best and most economical use of the sheet piles was dependent upon careful planning and design in conjunction.

The steel sheet piles were propped as required using proprietary hydraulic type modular frames, designed and installed by others to withstand frame loadings supplied.

In order to remove propping to facilitate pipe installation in some cases, a sacrificial concrete slab was required to provide sufficient low level support in lieu of the previously placed steel propping.

The general soil profile for this site consisted of Made ground over soft to very soft Alluvium over medium dense Sandy Gravels at varying depths. The pile design required that a minimum embedment into the underlying sandy Gravel soils was required for stability.

The sheet piles were generally installed using a tracked Telescopic Leader Rig mounted with a high frequency vibro hammer in association with a mobile service crane.

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