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Solutions of Sheet Piling

Sheet piling is used as a temporary or permanent wall for keeping loose materials out of a building trench and to secure structures in the immediate vicinity.

The sheet piling is made of steel sections that give good rigidity in relation to material thickness. The sections are relatively thin (typically 6-14 mm) and the joints are either in the middle – neutral axis – on U profile piling or the outer edge on Z profile piling.

Resistance to being driven down depends on the piling profile, the condition of the loose material and the ground water level. The sections are normally joined before ramming, either to a stated depth into loose material or to rock.

Ramming equipment can be vibro, fall hammer, diesel or pneumatic. With deep excavations, the sheet piling is braced, either within the building trench or back-anchored by e.g. drilling tube casings for struts.

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