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Sheet piling of flood wall

In terms of property damage, floods are the second most expensive type of natural disaster people face. For centuries, business owners, government agencies and engineers have all looked at ways to protect valuable property from flood damage. It is common for flood wall and levee repair projects to be completed for half the cost using synthetic sheet piling when compared to using conventional materials such as steel and concrete.

Sheet piling is commonly used in projects designed to stabilize and raise the height of levees and earthen dams. Sheet piling can help to prevent overtopping, internal seepage, piping of stratum, surface erosion and rodent damage. Leading project engineers, government agencies and general contractors all over the world choose to design with and install synthetic sheet piling for a long list of water control applications from demanding projects involving harsh acid mine drainage to simple erosion control or water diversion operations.

The synthetic sheet piling we carry have been exhaustively tested. The performance is proven.

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