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Sheet Pile Extraction

Whether you’ve installed tubes/temporary casings, sheet piles, or timber piles, we have a range of piling equipment to assist in their extraction.

The type of piling equipment used for extraction will depend on a few things:

Where noise and vibrations are a concern, for sheet pile extraction, the Still Worker pile press is perfect since it produces virtually none. The pile press is also ideal for use where there is restricted access. This is because the Still Worker can self-travel along the piles and a crane is only required to lift the pile out of the chuck once it has been extracted.

The size and type of pile being extracted is a consideration. For trench sheets or small sheet piles the excavator mounted vibratory hammer would be utilised. For tubes/temporary casings, sheet, timber or concrete piles, a bigger crane suspended vibratory hammer would do the job.

The ground conditions will also help determine which method to use, but it is always best to speak to one of our experts who will be able to recommend the perfect solution for your site.

For the more difficult jobs, where piles are refusing, we are able to supply jetting equipment that loosens the surrounding soil.

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