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Sheet pile construction method Classification

Sheet pile construction method Classification:

1. Use vibration pile hammer vibration.

2 using pile jacking machine jacking method.

3 auger jacking method.

4 piling method using a hammer.

For hard base, water jetting method can be used.

1. Use vibration pile hammer vibration method

This is achieved by the vertical vibration generated by the vibration pile hammer sheet pile driven into the ground construction technology. Default striking force in the head, sheet pile will not be damaged, which helps high construction efficiency; this technology is suitable for both driving and extracting piles. However, the instantaneous electric current is very high vibration situations, and therefore large electrical equipment is required; if the hydraulic vibration, hydraulic machine is in most cases is a must.

Recently, the machine, according to bundle or in a small space for low noise, low vibration construction methods and construction services have been put into operation.

2. Using pile jacking method pipe jacking machine

This is the drive for use in sheet pile reaction force through the middle portion of the clamp is a sheet pile construction technique by sheet pile into the ground.

Upper body is very compact machine for lower beam structure, but with additional steel piles need to lift crane.

The technology is applicable to soft ground, can achieve low noise and low vibration structure.

3. Pipe jacking method, using an auger

With respect to the method of this structure, the sheet pile is pressed into during or after drilling using hydraulic machine; in technology this structure provides a penetration mechanism both an auger drilling bodies and sheet pile. Due to the use of the sleeve, a penetration achieved during the high rigidity, so this technique is suitable for hard base. In addition, this construction method, can achieve low noise, low vibration construction.

4. Piling method using a hammer

This method of construction has a big hitting power, fluidity, high hit frequency and rich business; however, feasible pile hammer, must be chosen so as to prevent the pile head during the beating compression failure.

As well as regional designated area since the construction technique makes high noise and vibration, and its surrounding residential areas, schools, hospitals and other use is limited; therefore, it is rarely used in Docklands.

Hammers into diesel-powered hammers, hydraulic hammers, pneumatic hammers monkeys and so on.

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