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PVC Sheet Pile

Innovative plastic sheet pile is characterized by extremely high resistance to scratches or cracks, as well as high tightness, economy of application, and complete lack of corrosion. EcoLock is manufactured in the process of molding or so called co-extrusion from polyvinyl chloride with addition of substances refining its parameters (e.g. toughness modifiers, UV and thermal stabilizers etc.) and making its processing easier.

As a result of unique combination of durability and aesthetics, the PVC sheet pile is used as retaining wall systems, reinforcement and protection of places with alternating water level, they are applied during the construction of flood walls, causeways, regulation of river beds or ditches and in numerous other projects. Lack of corrosion as well as raised durability make it currently one of the best solutions available on the market, applied to secure and protect the places in contact with water.

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