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Port Construction using Steel Sheet Piles

Steel Sheet Piles is row of interlocking vertical pile elements forming continues wall and mainly used for retaining soil and / or water. Steel Sheet Piles is used in many types of temporary works and permanent structures. The sections are designed to provide the maximum strength and durability at the lowest possible weight consistent with good driving qualities. The design of the section interlocks facilitates pitching and driving and results in a continuous wall with a serious of closely fitted joints.

A comprehensive range of sections in all forms with a wide range of sizes and weights is ob-tainable in various different grades of steel which enables the most economical choice to be made to suit the nature and requirements of any given contract.

For applications where corrosion is an issue, sections with minimum thickness can be deliv-ered to maximize the effective life of the structure. The usual requirements for minimum overall thickness of 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm etc. can be met.

Advantages of Using Sheet Piles over concrete diaphragm

The conventional option with a Concrete diaphragm wall was a time consuming job, with slow speed of work and a long duration for project completion.

Using Steel Sheet Piles instead of concrete, can provide following advantages:

– By the use of a Higher Steel Grade, they can ensure a better driveability & lesser tonnage.

– Prefabricated & Cut to length provides faster speed of installation.

– Quicker and time bound deliveries, ensures speedier work and shorten the project duration / time.


By using steel sheet piles over for concrete diaphragm wall, Essar have saved considerable time in berth construction. Due to this time savings, Essar could start port operations much earlier and ultimately started generating revenue much faster. Considering these facts, steel  sheet pile construction is highly advisable for port construction.

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