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Pipe Piles Supply

Pipe piles are a type of driven steel pile for deep foundations. Pipe piles are either open or closed end. If driven open end, soil is allowed to enter the bottom of the pile. If required, the soil can be removed from inside the pipe piles with a water jet or auger. A closed end pipe piles is constructed by covering the bottom of the pile with a steel plate, preventing soil from entering the bottom of the pile.

Foundation piles are needed when soil and ground conditions are not suitable to support the structure to be built upon. Pipe piles are normally used in deep foundations to transfer the structure load to rock formations or to stronger soil conditions deep beneath the ground. We have the ability to cut and splice various diameters and wall thicknesses of carbon pipe piles to accommodate the specific load requirements of these structures. We also have the ability to fabricate piling lengths up to + or - 93 feet and to attach plates, shoes or conical points as required. We offer mechanical & torch cut ends as "Bevel x Square" or "Bevel x Bevel". Our welders are AWS D1.1 certified to accommodate most marine piling, bridge piling or building pile requirements.

If you work within building construction, offshore / marine construction or bridge construction alongside contractors performing pile driving, please count on us for your pile supply. Our company fabricates and delivers "cut to length" pilings. Single random lengths, double random lengths, and uniform length pilings. You can feel confident knowing that the construction piling supply you receive from us has highly experienced craftsmen fabricating and processing pipe piles and piling for your installation requirements. Our supply is "new and unused" direct from the mills. Due to our experience, our central location in the Southeast and our purchasing power, our prices are very competitive. Not only do we supply companies in the Southeast and nationwide, we ship internationally, and in most cases we deliver direct to the job site.

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