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More and more sheet piles are being used

What are the recent technological trends in sheet piles worldwide?

More and more sheet piles are being used. We helped develop and advance the sheet piles technology, the applications, bring in additional design softwares. Sheet piles is becoming more and more a part of foundation solutions. However it also differs from market to market. It is a global trend but in some markets it is easier to implement changes compared to other markets where it takes more time.

The issue is sheet piles market penetration is also a fact of local expertise and that is something that one can’t implement through technical documentation but something which needs to be built up.

Therefore one has a certain steel piles technology, and next step is having the expertise and know-how and being in the market to give training to the people to know how projects need to be executed.

The cost of sheet piles is not determined by the cost of material but has to be seen as a part of the whole project. In a market wherein time is not money the implementation of sheet piles solutions will take much longer. But in a market wherein time is money in terms of restriction of obstructions in order to increase availability of modern core facilities – then I believe sheet piles have their true value in the market. Even if it is a higher cost material at the end of the day the overall cost justifies the use of sheet piles.

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