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KRINGS Sheet pile machine DPV

The KRINGS DPV pressed-pile shoring system was designed for the construction of new and modernisation of existing sewers and drains in narrow streets with buildings in the immediate vicinity. It can be used safely and inexpensively in all soils. Unlike conventional, linear sewer trenches, the DPV method involves a moving trench which is only open at the point where the sewer pipes are actually being laid.

This point-based approach reduces the volume of excavated soil considerably and minimizes the risk of subsidence. A shaft shored on all sides and with the length of the DPV unit is excavated down to the base of the sewer trench. The sheet piles are hydraulically pressed in while the trench is being dug. The trench walls are securely shored with sheet piles and walers. If the trench is crossed by cables or pipes, the sheet pile in question is locked in position above the cable or pipe while the other sheet piles are pressed past the obstacle into the ground.

Basic data
- Shoring length: 5.50 m / 6.70 m
- Shoring width: 1.00 m – 3.00 m
- Shoring depth: 4.50 m / 5.50 m
- Pressing force: 7.65 t / 9.00 t
- Number of sheet piles: 14 pcs. / 18 pcs.

- Suitable for refurbishing and constructing wastewater sewers
- Ideal for use in narrow streets in the immediate vicinity of buildings
- Minimizes the danger of subsidence

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