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Innovative of sheet piling

Sheet piling is used where a permanent or temporary shoring / cut-off wall is required. Sheet piling use a mechanical interlock which creates a continuous water tight seal if installed properly. sheet piling materials can be steel, vinyl or composite, depending on the application. In the past, sheet piling walls were constructed with methods of brute force, using large cranes and a variety of heavy hammers. The sheets would typically be laced with the crane and held vertical in a large steel template that had to be designed and fabricated for each job. The piles were then driven down in incremental stages in order to maintain alignment and minimize interlock binding. These conventional methods are slow and inefficient, and the costs of mobilization and operation often make sheet piling walls an expensive option.

Our innovative equipment and methods of installation, now make sheet piling a more viable option. We own and operates ABI mobilram equipment, which was designed specifically for the installation of sheet piling. The ABI runs on a track mounted carrier with an extendable vertical mast. Vibratory hammers, impact hammers, presses, drills or other attachments are mounted to the mast depending on job requirements. Positive and precise control of the piles during installation is now possible with powerful hydraulics capable of articulation in all directions. With the ABI mobilram, sheet piling driving occurs in a single stroke, without the use of a template and requires a smaller crew than conventional methods. Mobilization is also much more efficient, as the ABI is transported on a single truck and set up in a matter of hours. The result is faster and higher quality sheet piling installation, with reduced construction costs.

The ability to maintain precise verticality and alignment is especially important in the installation of vinyl and composite sheet piling. Where steel interlocks can be strong enough to hold together when driven slightly out of alignment, plastic and fiberglass interlocks simply break. These sensitive materials can’t be forced into place, and great care is required during installation. Our methods of installation provide a high level of quality for vinyl and composite sheet piling projects.

After many years of owning and operating various types and sizes of ABI equipment, we have learned how to use it in innovative ways and has in fact developed state of the art construction techniques. This can be seen on many different types of projects we have completed including piling projects (sheet piling, soldier piling, and auger cast piling) and ground improvement projects (vibro-densification and soil mixing). In using the right tools for the job, we have become an industry leader in the construction of specialty foundations.

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