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Earth retention, Sheet Piling

Earth Retention systems are utilized to protect adjacent streets, buildings, utilities, etc. while an excavation takes place. Typically used methods are soldier pile and wood lagging, sheet piling, shotcrete & soil nails, tangent walls and secant walls. These systems can either be cantilevered, tied back or internally braced depending upon the wall height and soil conditions. They can also be structurally permanent or temporary, based upon the final construction requirements.

Soldier pile and lagging is a widely used and effective earth retention system. Soldier piles are drilled or driven at regular intervals along the perimeter of the excavation. Once the excavation starts, wood lagging is installed to maintain the excavated face. Soldier pile walls can cantilever or be laterally braced to suit the specific needs of the project.

When the retained soil cannot be dewatered, a sheet piling earth retention system is an effective solution. Sheet piling are steel sections in a wide variety of cross sectional shapes – all with the ability to interlock with one another forming a continuous, watertight wall. The sheets are driven or vibrated into the ground. Cantilever walls are typical, but the sheet piling can be laterally braced to suit the specific needs of the work site. Being manufactured from steel, they offer a high strength material with excellent quality control.​

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