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Design of Sheet Pile Size

Sheet pile size in the marine environment like Steel Sheet Pile walls at quays and harbors, undergo continuous corrosion subjected to prolong sea water environment. The design of these steel structures currently is been practiced by using respective national annexure in alliance with the Eurocodes. But the correct statistical properties which fit into the semi-probabilistic safety concept of the Eurocodes still have to be determined.

Sheet pile retaining walls will obligatorily be analyzed according to the Eurocodes on and after the year 2010. Eurocodes 1 and 3 for load assumptions and sheet pile size design are introduced to various countries by building authorities even now. The work on Eurocodes 1997-1:2004 has been recently completed; to focus on the harmonization of all the national annexures and an economical design of steel sheet piles must guarantee remain.

The current paper highlights mainly upon the difference in the design aspects with special consideration to the usage of partial safety factor dealt in the Eurocodes, versus using initial practice of the respective national annexure and various geotechnical factors affecting the same.

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