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Cold-rolled sheet can usher in

China Steel News: 2008, the state has launched Home appliances, trade, energy-saving PWM air conditioning subsidies and other policies to stimulate consumption, which greatly release the spending power of urban and rural residents. In subsequent years, the domestic appliance industry showed speeding growth situation, many household electrical appliance enterprises with annual revenue growth rate remained at around 40%. Since the second half of last year, home appliances gradually withdraw stimulus policies, the appliance industry to save gradually doldrums, sales greatly reduced, but closely related with the steel industry is also in "dire straits".
Impact on the steel market exit appliance stimulus
In January this year, the domestic appliance market bleak, TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines there was a substantial decline in sales. Appliance industry as in previous years did not achieve a good start.
Monitoring data show that in January, sales of 4.221 million TV terminal units, down 22.4 percent. The second half of last year, TV sales 22,490,000 units, an increase of 16.1% compared with the first half of the sales. This month refrigerator 667,300 units were sold, down 20.8 percent. Washing machine sales in January 994,600 units, down 37.9 percent. More severe case of air conditioning products, the monthly total sales of 333,400 units, down 45.7 percent.
According to past experience, the largest home appliance is cold-rolled steel sheet pile, hot plate two products, galvanized sheet, color coated and stainless steel consumption, although not much, but also belong appliances conventional timber. According to statistics, the cost of steel air conditioning accounts for an air conditioner material cost ratio exceeds 40%, 30% steel washer material costs accounted for 25% of the refrigerator is the cost of materials. A twin washing machine consumes six kilograms of cold rolled sheet pile, cold rolled sheet consumption of a washing machine drum is 10 kg; the amount of cold-rolled stainless steel is also increasing in the washing machine, a washing machine drum is generally cold-rolled stainless steel consumption around 10 kilograms.
If based on the above statistics to calculate it, in January, this is just a washing machine, you should be 13.71 million kg less cold-rolled plate. At the same time, the volume of domestic cold January almost dropped to the freezing point. Although access to March, the national market is cold rolled version pull up trend, however, rises not large, and still have not seen a lot due to lower demand for the release, rises gradually shrink. The most recent days, the domestic cold rolled prices have gradually appeared stable, turnover is still weak, businesses confused situation.
Whether the home appliance industry can usher in a new stimulus?
After the domestic appliance stimulus gradually withdraw, many appliance business executives have expressed the hope that the Government will introduce a continuation of the policy. However, the National People's Congress, chairman of Hisense Group A motion yesterday was "shelling" support policies that support the current policy does not require the home appliance industry. Clearly, whether the new policy should be introduced on a dispute industry professionals likely to continue.
However, I believe that external demand fade, national efforts to stimulate domestic demand under the backdrop, is expected to introduce new stimulus policies will, however, when introduced? In what form? There are a lot of uncertainties.
If after the "two sessions", or "two sessions" to introduce new stimulus, may give the steel city to inject a "tonic." Because in the context of the property can not relax, appliances intended policy of stimulating domestic demand may become a hot media hype, but also to boost confidence in the market. (China Steel News Center Xiu Chan)
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