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Basic Types of Sheet Pile Walls

This paper presents some of the most common applications of sheet piles namely anchored, contilevered sheet piles, excavation or cofferdams. It also contains various shapes and types of sheet piles and their advantages. Wood,concrete,steel, and aluminium are common materials that make sheet piles. This review also explaines a new type of steel sheet piles wall with improved workability and higher resistance to driving stresses which is called in the construction industry HAT-TYPE Sheet pile 900.

Sheet pile walls consist of continuously interlocked pile segments embedded in soils to resist horizontal pressures. Classified as a flexible retaining system, sheet pile walls can tolerate relatively large deformations.

Sheet piles are being used as retaining systems for many years. They are widely used for several purposes such as:
*large and waterfront structures
*erosion protection
*stabilizing ground slopes

This article comes from researchgate edit released