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Advantages of Composite Sheet Piles

The composite sheet piles are a breakthrough innovation in the civil engineering industry. Made of vinyl polyester or ester reinforced with fiber glass, the composite sheet piles offer all the advantages of composite sheet piles, combined with reinforced strength and durability.

Durable and strong

1. More durable in comparison to composite sheet piles, used for higher walls, may be applied in even more adverse conditions.

2. Resistant to the toughest atmospheric and biological conditions, composite sheet piles is resistant to corrosion and erosion.

3. Flexible and tremor resistant, resistant to UV radiation.

Saving of costs and time:

1. Using composite sheet piles in construction of embankments and anti-erosion projects helps reduce the investment costs in comparison with projects using steel or wood alternatives.

2. Each sheet profile has the same dimensions.

3. Simple and fast installation using standard equipment.

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