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Advantages by using sheet piles

Compared to old-fashioned sheet piles, which has existed in the world for more than a century, sheet piles are designed and manufactured by new technology.

Existed in late 1990s, sheet piles are becoming more and more popular in worldwide project such as cofferdams, excavations, marine projects and etc. At the very begining, sheet piles have been used as a substitute to hot rolled sheet piles and most often, they have been used for temporary projects.

After more and more projects have apploed sheet piles structure as permanent use in the world, sheet piles is becoming a competitor rather than substitute to hot rolled sheet piles.

The advantages are apparent to be seen:

1. Flexible design by different combinations of rollers.

2. Small quantity order acceptable.

3. Super long piles available.

4. Better section performance with lower weight.

5. Within a range, customer could even order customized sheet piles products to project requirements.

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